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stripclub's Journal

The Strip Club, est. 1813
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This is Strip Club. You've probably already figured out that this is a forum for posting, creating, improving, and recieving feedback on your (and our) original comics, and if you haven't, well, joke's on you, Mr. horny-pants.

If you like drawing comics, or if you hate drawing comics but do anyway, or even if you'd like to draw comics but totally suck at it, this is your place. Quick overview:

This is a place for showing off your work. There're no guidelines for what you can show -- well, hard PG-13-ish no guidelines, if you catch my drift, we don't want to assault our peers with penis comics or anything, no matter how much fun it may seem at the time -- however, we do ask that, if you read a comic, leave a comment on it, 'cause this place is also all about feedback.

Comic assignments are (supposed to be) handed out by the administrators on a biweekly basis. These are, of course, entirely optional, and the timelines given for completion are more or less just suggestions. However, we stress again, feel free to show anything you have, whether it pertains to the assignment or not.

In short, welcome to Strip Club. Now get strippin'.